hours of operation

Due to the extreme rareness and limited ability of the products that we sell, and the fact that we are a small husband and wife operation, there are times that we will be closed during normal business hours.  Our business requires us to go and get products.  Many, if not most of the items we sell can not be obtained by a catalog.   We are extremely sorry for any inconvenience that this may cause you.  If you are traveling just to come visit our store, may we suggest that you please call or leave a message to find out in advance if we will be open.  If you do not receive an answer or a call back, please know that we could be out of the country and not in a zone that receives phone calls.  Due to security we do not announce or place signs on our store saying that we are out of town.  Ordinarily we are open during normal business hours and invite you to come see our store.  Please understand, and we do look forward to seeing you during the hours of:

Tuesday -Friday       10 AM-5PM

Saturday                   10 AM-4PM

Closed Sunday and Monday