​​​SITE #212 

In early 2021, Darrell Miklos and his dive team located our newest treasure salvage site.  During the 2021 dive season the team has identified 7 ships in this one location; four from the 1600s, two from the 1700s and one from the 1800s.  We've been bringing up some outstanding artifacts including a pearl and amethyst ring, gold and silver Spanish coins, a cannon, cannon balls, grape shot, musket balls, ship's hardware, and bottles.   These items are documented and conserved then placed on display or are for sale in our shop.

​We continue to investigate  and salvage this site and look forward to bringing in new artifacts as we attempt to learn more about these seven ships.  

Stop by Spanish Main Antiques and talk with Marc and Darrell about these unique items and their experiences salvaging this treasure.